Let’s discuss watermarks on our photos.


Photo courtesy of BJ Buchter Massa of Junk’d Up.

The definition of a watermark is an almost transparent marking on a photo or document that protects the photo or document while confirming the owner of the photo or document. It should be barely noticeable but put in place for copyright protection.

It is important to watermark our furniture photos for two reasons:

  • Business name recognition and track-back (known as branding)
  • Protection of our property from others who may claim it as their own

When listing our furniture for sale online, the need to have a stunning photo of the furniture far outweighs the need to cover the furniture with a big logo or text watermark in an effort to protect it. If the #1 goal is to sell the piece, then don’t let your watermark get in the way of that.

Thus the use of a full blown link plastered on the side of the photo or across the photo would be considered an advertisement not a watermark. Your business name placed directly on top of the furniture and distracting the customer would be the opposite of a watermark.

It should be gentle, transparent, and tucked away. A cool little nod to your business and not a slap in the face business sign.

Keep the focus on the furniture and keep other distractions out of the way. The furniture needs to be the star and everything else needs to fade into the background.

Here are some examples of our favorite watermarks and placement: