Using the Tracker Sheets

PLEASE NOTE: This is an Excel Spreadsheet. If you do not have Excel, please follow the direction found in this article for using your Google Drive/Google Sheets to open this file and use it.

These are intended as a basic way for you to track your listings by group as you begin to add more and more.

Organization is the key to success here.

The tracker we have created is intended to be used BY GROUP NAME.

Please see the video for a live tutorial on how it works or read below for a written tutorial.

How it Works:

You will use these tracker sheets by group name. Here is a screenshot of the sections of each “sheet” on the listing tracker.

Next, use the Listing Tracker Master File to keep track of your listing trackers by area. Note the date you last updated your pieces on each spreadsheet so you can remember when you need to update your listing in each area to stay current.

Suggestions for Best Use:

  • Create separate Listing Tracker files for larger metro areas. For example:
  • In the Chicago radius, there are hundreds of potential groups across the metro and suburbs.

I would break it down like this:

  • Listing Tracker 1: Chicago – Metro by group name
  • Listing Tracker 2: Chicago – Southwest Suburbs by group name
  • Listing Tracker 3: Chicago – Northwest Suburbs by group name
  • and so on.

If you are working in smaller areas, you may still want work with separate files in order to keep things segregated and easy to find. Naming the files by city and then having group names at the bottom will be a great way to stay organized.

Place the separate listing trackers into your master list by file name and then use that as follows:

  • On Monday, you would work through the first 5 listing tracker files you have to relist and/or bump.
  • On Tuesday, you would work through the second 5 files you have.
  • and so on (do more or less based on time available/number of pieces.)

Ideally, you are listing/relisting on all groups at a minimum of once a week. It sounds overwhelming but if you keep it straight in your files, you will see how easy it can be.

Try to touch every single piece in every single group at least once a week, using group rules and guidelines to decide if you are going to bump or relist. When in doubt, choose to relist every time.