Welcome to the most comprehensive, photo-filled staging guide for furniture available online today. This guide is not meant to be a “read it and be done” publication. It is meant to be used over and over again as each of your pieces is completed.

I’ve literally spent thousands of hours compiling this information into an easy-to-use reference guide that will help you create stunning, scroll-stopping photos every single time.

Those scroll-stopping photos increase your ability to grab the highest ticket prices on the market and create rabid customers who cannot wait to see what you have next. You’ll be covered up in custom work before you know it, and receiving accolades and recognition from local and regional boutiques and artists.

If you’re here, that means you are ready to take your furniture flipping business to the next level, a level that others cannot keep up with, so let’s get started.


How to Use the Handbook

The Ultimate Staging Handbook for Furniture Artists was created to give you a leg up on the competition by providing top-notch photos that get noticed by customers and create emotional responses. These techniques are proven to provide faster sales and higher ticket prices. You’ll also find that customers are more loyal and trusting ,which brings many more opportunities to your door – such as custom work and lucrative vendor relationships.

Here is a brief overview of each section and what we will cover:

  1. The Psychology of Staging: Why we do it and how it works
  2. The Side Effects of Staging: What you can expect with proper staging and photography
  3. Photography Tutorials and Tools: How to achieve the best lighting, photo editing apps and backdrops
  4. Visual Staging Lessons: Learn about scale, proportion and the basic elements needed to achieve a proper photo.
  5. Staging Mini-Series: A piece-by-piece encyclopedia of best practices for each type of furniture. Each series includes a picture gallery as a visual guide.
  6. Watermarks: Learn why we watermark, how to add a watermark and tips for placement without distraction
  7. Behind-the-Scenes: Some great tricks of the trade to help you make the most of what you’ve got. You’ll be surprised at what some of us go through to get the best shot!
  8. Price Guides: Find your copy of our suggested retail and custom pricing guide here.
The Side Effects of Staging

When you take the time to stage your furniture properly, good things start to happen.

Click here to find out what you can expect when you start to get noticed!

Visual Staging Lessons

Study the Visual Staging Lessons for help with scale, perspective, color and more. Use the guides to help you choose the proper accessories and implement best practices in photography.

Click here to go to the Visual Staging Lessons Directory! 


2017 Suggested Retail Pricing Guide

Below you will find the suggested retail pricing guide for different types of finished furniture. Remember to add for specialty finishes, delivery, and size. These are minimums so if it’s possible to go higher, please give it a try. Make sure your photos are stand-out scroll-stopper though. Workshop or yard photos won’t get you top dollar!

2017 Suggested Retail Pricing Guide

Upgrade/Specialty Finish Pricing Guide


Here is a fun look at the lengths we will go to in order to get that perfect shot, and some good ideas for overcoming obstacles!

Making It Happen**

Tricks of the Trade**