There are a lot of lengths we will go to in order to get that perfect shot. Whether it is spray painting the flowers or hanging from the ceiling, we know that it is hard work to do the things we ask you to do in Flipping Furniture for Profit. We also know it’s totally worth at the end of the day.

Here are a few of our favorite staging hacks – prime examples of our artists getting it done!

  1. Tape it up:


See this photo from KT Lyons Design? Guess what is under the globe…


Duct tape – that’s right, two rolls of duct tape holding that one up!

And this one from Sheri Stricklin of Strickly Chic features a stunning stack of masking tape in the form of an accessory!


Now, Felicia Lundstrom took the next step and used red duct tape to transform cream candles into the pop of red we were asking for!


  1. Spray paint is your best friend…

Rhoda Helene Ede-Weber spray painted these fish bowls to add to her staging arsenal:


And Chasity Jones DeGroat spray paints wrapping paper to put around her books so they are the right color for the job!

Donna Lamb spray paints her frames AND her flowers to suit the occasion!

And my favorite of all time, Donjia Huffman spray painted two sides of her vase gold, and two side silver, so she just rotates it based on the color she needs! Genius!