It’s always a task to find that empty staging wall. We move couches and tables and beds to create a pristine crisp staging area with nothing in the way.

We stack furniture, lay on tables, crawl under tables, and back into closets to get the scroll-stopping photo.

We know how hard you work to make it happen, and we also know it pays off in the end.

Here is a fun gallery of behind-the-scenes looks at the lengths we will go to in order to get an “amaze balls”.

Photo Courtesy of Brett Clardy

Photo Courtesy of Jenny Morton


Photo Courtesy of Judy Anaya

Rosemary Wade-Nisbet trying to get that perfect photo!

Find a clear wall is never easy for Teresa Whiting!

Tiffnie-Dan Lee is rolling up the rug and shoving it out of the way!

Not enough light in your room? No worries – Lisa Norris has just the solution!