If you’ve read Backdrops Part 2, then you might be thinking – well, that’s great but I don’t know how to build a wall and I’ve nowhere to store such a large contraption.

Here are a few options for those of you who need a lightweight, more portable solution.

Insulation Board:

Insulation board can be found at all big box hardware stores or construction supply stores. It is typically pink or silver, so you’ll have to paint it a nice neutral shade of white.

You can easily paint this to the proper color and either build a platform and structure for it to stand on or simply lean it against a wall of windows or an unfinished garage wall, add a fake floor and good to go! Just slide to the side when you are done. Be sure to grab a stick of white baseboard to lay at the bottom to finish off the space between the floor and board.

Here is an example of the pink insulation in use from Lindsey Orwig. She painted it, added a thin stick of baseboard and some flooring tiles and good to go!

Here is an example of the silver insulation board with a white wash by Helen Gilson:

Paneling/Bead Board Sheets:

Another option from your local hardware or construction supply store is a lightweight sheet of paneling or bead board.

The bead board will most likely come ready to go in white, and I’d suggest two pieces for larger items. You can lay one on top of the other to try to create a seamless photo backdrop.

These typically come in 4’x 8’ sheets as well so be sure to get enough to accommodate those larger items.

Paneling Sheets:

There are many options for sheets of paneling. You could go with the basic pine look and paint it to the proper color. There are also some great weathered options that might work really well for your style. Lightweight and easy to store, these are a great option.

Again, just lean, add baseboard and fake floor if needed, and good to go!














Lots of great inexpensive and easy to assemble/store options for you here. No more excuses!

Happy Staging!