To continue on with our series on backdrops and staging walls, let’s visit some inventive ideas that our members have used to create the illusion of a perfect white or light wall in some very unusual spaces.

Remember that the end result is a photo that is only slightly larger than your piece of furniture. If you primarily paint small tables and small dressers, then your backdrop doesn’t need to be a whole wall. It simply needs to be wide enough with flooring deep enough to accommodate a good photo.

If you paint larger dressers and buffets, you’ll need to go taller and wider.

Here is the first idea that is easy to store and looks like a real wall. It may take some handyman skills but once you have it done, you will be all set.

Huge thanks to Sue Older-Mondeel of Tanglewood Works for the step-by-step tutorial of her setup.




Sheets of Paneling (this setup used two sheets but buy what you need for your items)

Laminate Flooring


Follow these steps:

We used 2x4’s to create a frame and then just braced it at the bottom with a piece of wood. We’re going to add wheels tomorrow.


The front is just two sheets of whitewashed paneling that were only $15 a sheet. We hung them lengthwise so they would be perpendicular to the floor.


Here’s the wood floor I chose. It seemed the least fake looking and had a good warm tone to it. I needed one and a half boxes.

Lastly I put the floor together then taped it then flipped it over and taped the seams then took off the tape on top.

This is so I can move the floor around whenever I need to.  

Here is the final setup. This is a GREAT setup for any size piece and will work for all colors and styles as well.