Backdrops Part 4: Vinyl Photography Walls/Floors

Our final installment in this series will continue with information on utilizing vinyl photography backdrops for staging.

While these seem like a simple, cost-effective and easy solution, there are a few obstacles and issues that pop up, so read carefully before purchasing.

  • Colors/Styles
    1. When choosing your vinyl backdrop, keep it simple. It’s easy to get carried away with the colorful rustic backdrop or the shadowed effects. Keep it simple. A crisp white brick or wood looking wall with a simple and straight floor.
    2. Avoid the ones with the floors that are trying to achieve perspective with the angled planks. This just causes issues when trying to get a great side shot.
    3. Avoid lots of texture or color.
    4. Avoid getting tied into a heavily industrial or rustic background unless that is all you do. It won’t work for the elegant and classic pieces. If you do both styles, get a rustic one and a clean, crisp version.
    5. Don’t go super gray or super brown. Gray doesn’t look good on brown and brown doesn’t look good on gray. Simple is the best.
    6. I’d not worry about the flooring as we have a suggestion to fix that up for the best photos. (see setup)

  • Size
    1. Please be very careful when ordering your backdrops. The sizes can be misleading. Note that the dimensions are OVERALL – so that includes the floor and the wall. If the dimensions note a 6’ length, that will include 2’ of flooring, therefore your backdrop will only be 4’ high.
    2. Bigger is better in this case. You’ll need breathing room on tops, bottoms and sides. You’ll want to be able to get 7’ dressers and 6’ tall hutches on this, so double check before ordering.

Photo Courtesy of Cussi Marina

  • Setup
    1. So you’ve got the backdrop now, and you are ready to set it up. It is extremely important to get this thing pulled tight and wrinkle free. Clamps, tape, whatever it takes, but get those wrinkles out. The point of the backdrop is to look like a wall, so wrinkles are a big distraction and look very unprofessional.
    2. Floors: This is where you may need to look for options. If you are working on a soft surface, the vinyl floor will not work for you. If you have a piece that is deeper than 2’, the vinyl floor will not work for you. Our best advice is to cut the flooring part off of the backdrop, purchase a box or two of wood planks or a roll of wood plank laminate. Lay that on the ground. Purchase an 8’ length of white baseboard and place it where the backdrop meets the floor. This will create a stunning photography setup that works for all items.

Photo Courtesy of Danetta Jett

  • Where to Buy
    1. Amazon and Ebay are full of great options. Some may be coming from China which does offer some obstacles, but most people are successful with those orders.
    2. Click here for an article in the product library with a few additional (perhaps more expensive) resources.

Photo Courtesy of Sharon Masuda

By now, you should be well-armed with several ideas for creating the perfect staging area for your fabulous furniture. Choose the one that works for your space and your budget. Most of all, keep it neutral, light and crisp.